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The Serbian Association of Pain Research and Treatment [SAPRT]

Multidisciplinary, nonprofit organization which within Serbia  comprises physicians of different clinical and preclinical medical disciplines, psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers, nurses and others, interested in the diagnosis and treatment of patients in pain and  in pain research for the benefit of patients.



Assoc.Prof. Snezana Tomasevic Todorovic, MD,PhD (Physical Med & Rehabilit & Rheumat)
Prof. Miroslava Pjevic, MD, PhD (Anesth)
Board Members:  
Eržebet Patarica Huber,MD, MSc (Anesth&Pain Med)
Ass.Srdjan Ljubisavljevic, MD, PhD (Neurol)
Assoc.Prof. Snezana Ukropina, MD, PhD (Soc Med)
Ass.Prof. Aleksandar Knezevic, MD, PhD (Physical Med & Rehabilit)
Ass.Prof. Sanja Vickovic, MD, PhD (Anesth)
Supervising Committee:  
Mirka Lukic Sarkanovic, MD, PhD (Anesth)
Bozana Dragisic Dokmanovic, MD, MSc (Emerg Med)
Ass.Prof. Katarina Savic Vujovic, MD, PhD (Pharmacology Clin)